Exclusive Post doctoral Consulting:

Technology, Scientific, Business,
    Founder director: Luis Alberto Lujan Campos                     luislujan@neosistemas.org

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Technological and scientific solutions for:


Doctor in environment and sustainable development

post doctoral 2015,


Doctor and Master

in Systems Engineer,

post grade

2014, 2013,


Industrial Engineer,

professional study 1994,


Luis Alberto Lujan Campos

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Consulting and Facilitator of Technology and Scientific Solutions:


1.Process and Systems Evaluation, Software Engineering, IT Service Optimization, Software Architecture, OLAP, ERP, CRM, SOA, Middleware,


2.Human and Environmental Security, Sustainable Development Processes, Ecosystems, Legislation and Environmental Education,  Sustainable Technologies, others.


Consultancy and Consulting in Research and Postgrade:


Research design, technique and data collection instrument, matrix of validated consistency, scientific writing, others.  






Course (s):

                                1. Technology and Society

  Computer Services with Software Neosistemas.org  

Order specification: lujan@neosistemas.org


          1. Costs of products or services or processes.

          2. National and international conventions and projects: 

              Finance, budget and follow-up to the execution of activities


        Consultancy With Post Doctoral Level                

                    Dr. Ing. LUIS ALBERTO LUJAN CAMPOS             

Consultant and Facilitator in matters of:
Implementation & Technological & Scientific Projects,
Sustainable Development, Research & Teaching,
  Innovation & Improvement of Products & Services,
Information Science, Reengineering & Process Redesign,
  Computer Security, Software Engineering, Postgraduate Pack,
 Software Tools, System Analyst N.